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  HTS Watermakers
Reverse Osmosis Desalination systems for Offshore applications

HTS manufactures wide range of seawater Watermakers (reverse osmosis desalination systems) for offshore applications. It delivers utmost reliability on fresh water requirements in the most extreme conditions at sea. These units are engineered specifically for marine applications that use marine grade components from world leading manufacturers. Their watermaker capacity range start from 1 M3 day to any capacity that client require.

These series are used in offshore drilling platform, accommodation barges, ships, marine contractors, seaside resort/villas etc. Their simple yet advanced design provides easy operation and maintenance, which is the most important requirement for any equipment in offshore platforms.

Its custom engineered solutions provide maximum flexibility especially when there are space constrains. We build watermakers on various skids and in seaworthy containers to fit into the limited space at the site.

  HTS Watermaker Features
  • Specifically engineered for marine applications
  • Marine graded components with extended safety margins
  • No / Minimal usage of chemicals
  • Simple but innovative and advanced designs
  • Extended pre-filtration on separate skids
  • Custom engineered skid and containerized solutions
  • Easy Operation and maintenance
  • Easily available of components and consumables
  • Quick delivery
  • Optional components – Ultraviolet, chlorination, hydrophore systems etc.
  • High quality fresh water output (below 500 ppm)
  • 24 hours online support
  • Dedicated overseas technical service team
  • Cost effective
  • Repair and maintenance team (for any RO Watermaker )