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Pre Installation visits:

Based on the requirements, HTS' highly qualified technicians visit the site prior to submitting the proposals to perform initial study of the raw water quality and installation conditions. Based on the raw water quality and the client's specified requirements, our design team design and submit proposal for recommended solutions. HTS technicians also visit the site prior to the delivery of RO systems to understand and advise installation requirements to avoid any time delay for installations and start up of the system.

Factory Testing, Commissioning and onsite training:

All our systems are wet tested at our workshop prior to despatch. We also provide Supervision of commissioning and training at free of charge with all our RO systems for limited days. It will give confidence to the buyer and will help the operator to understand the operation and maintenance of the RO system.

Online after sale support:

HTS provides 24 hours online support to all their clients. It is very important specifically for offshore installations. We advise operators to send the log sheets periodically to evaluate and advise if any preventive maintenance is required. This will ensure there is no unexpected break down of the plant. We also resolve miner issues over the phone.

Repairing and Reconditioning

HTS has a well experienced technical expertise team to perform any RO related jobs. We repair, recondition, upgrade and redesign any brand RO systems. The improvement in the performance and appearance of repaired RO systems always delight the client and they appreciate our superior workmanship.

Maintenance Contracts:

We provide yearly maintenance contracts to any brand RO systems. Our technical experts visit the site to conduct all preventive maintenance for the system. Our contract also includes supply of consumables and chemicals required to run the system. By entering into contract with HTS, our client gets the benefit of hassle free running, extended life of the system and peace of mind to the operators.

Rental RO systems

We also offer RO systems on rental, where client is not interested to take responsibility of operation, maintenance and ownership of the desalination system. We have ex-stock of containerized RO plant, which will also help the clients who need RO systems for limited period.

Spare Parts

We have a large stock of components, consumables and chemicals for any brand RO systems. It includes various sizes of Cartridge filters, Bag filters, Pumps, Memrbane housings, Membranes, Conductivity meters, flow meters, pressure gauges, ultraviolet disinfection systems, anstiscalant and membrane cleaning chemicals etc.