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Hallmark Technical Services

HTS is a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis desalination (RO Watermaker) and water distribution systems for offshore and land based applications. We also stock high quality water treatment components such as pumps, filters, membranes, conductivity meters, antiscalant chemicals etc. to meet immediate requirements of customers. Our trading division also focused on supply of specialised technical equipment, spares and services.

Our production unit is located in industrial area of Oman and have our presence in United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Bahrain, Qatar and many other Asian & African countries.

Our technical expertise RO designers are focused in choosing the best quality components that are manufactured by world leaders and ensuring adequate safety margin for each component. All our systems are designed by adopting advanced design technology with back support from membrane manufacturers to ensure that the customers are delighted with the best performance, durability and reliability of the system purchased from HTS.

HTS has an international sales and a dedicated technical support team that does round the clock service for the international clients to serve them better. Our technical team does inspection, commissioning and training as a free of charge (limited period) with RO system. They also do repair, recondition and upgrading of any brand RO systems.


Offshore Applications – RO Watermaker Most of the Offshore rigs, accommodation barges, ships, boats and other offshore platforms are considering RO Watermaker as a dependable freshwater generator. Reliability, less energy consumption and simplicity of reverse osmosis systems have been attracted by these segments as they have to be fully technically independent from outside world while they are in operation in the sea. Our RO Watermakers are specially built for marine applications with Stainless Steel skid, high quality marine grade components, simple design, extensive safety margin etc. Our online support to all our clients ensure routine maintenance is performed hence there is no unforeseen break down of the watermaker. We also stock all components, consumables and chemicals for these systems. Our service teams are travelling to offshore sites to support our clients, whenever required.

Land based applications Our Brackish water RO Desalination systems are targeted market segments, such as Onshore oil exploration camps, agricultural farms, poultry/dairy farms, food processing etc. While some onshore clients such as beach Hotel, Resorts, Beachside residence, etc are targeted with our seawater RO desalination systems.



HTS Features:

  • A quality driven company
  • Reliable RO systems built by a dependable team.
  • High quality components from world leading manufacturers
  • Simple but advanced designs, supported by membrane manufacturers
  • Excellent after sales support
  • Yearly maintenance contracts
  • Repair recondition and upgrading of RO systems
  • Customised solutions – containerized, skid-mounted
  • Expertise technical and sales team
  • Online and onsite technical support
  • A quality driven company
  • Preventive maintenance support
  • Rental RO systems