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  HTS is a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis desalination systems (RO Watermaker) and water distribution systems for offshore and land based applications. We also stock high quality water treatment components such as pumps, filters, membranes, conductivity meters, antiscalant chemicals etc. to meet immediate requirements of customers. Our trading division also focused on supply of specialised technical equipment, spares and services.

Our production unit is located in industrial area of Oman and have our presence in United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Bahrain, Qatar and many other Asian & African countries.


Reverse osmosis produces high purity water by passing saline water through membranes to remove contaminants. It is one of the most widely used water purification/desalination method in the world. Less energy consumption and easy operation has made this an extensively accepted method in all applications especially in offshore platforms, food and beverages, water bottling, agricultural, poultry and dairy farms, hotels and resorts, labour/military camps etc.